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  • Spices:

    We supply Indian Rice which are highly appreciated among our clients for their fine quality, aroma and grain size with least minimum foreign matter.

  • The rice is suitable for cooking biriyani, fried rice and many other rice dishes. The quality of rice is determined by its grain length and aroma. Basmati rice is known as fragrant rice due to wonderful aroma it emits while and after cooking. We are one of the genuine suppliers of Aromatic Rice, Basmati.

  • Rice varieties :

    BASMATI with average size 8.2 mm with lesser broken rice , NON BASMATI, Black Kavuni Rice (Black Rice- Medicinal rice for diabetes) , Super fine Quality MASOORI, Long Grain White Rice, Super Basmati Rice, Long Grain Basmati, Non-Basmati Fragrant Rice, 100% Broken Rice, Puffed Rice.

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